Time to get muddy!

Apologies once more for the lengthy break between posts, but life and laziness have gotten in the way. I do have some lovely posts lined up, but for today I just wanted to put up something quick about my plans for this Sunday.

Way back when, my friend and I decided it would be a GREAT idea to enter an obstacle race, and it just so happened that Earlham Park in Norwich would be hosting such an event for the Race for Life campaign. We signed up, and all was fine and dandy. However, the event is now this Sunday, and the weather forecast is looking just…terrible.

The event is termed ‘Pretty muddy’, and judging by photos from previous events, the title is well-earned. A little bit of mud never hurt anyone, but a lot of it? Yikes.

Anyway, it’s too late to back away now, and the even is all in the name of charity. So, if you’d like to come down and support Team Fitness Cyborgs this Sunday afternoon, come along! I have also just set up a Just Giving page, so if you feel so included, please click on the link below. Expect a post in the near future complete with mud monsters…



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