Borough market and the V&A

Borough Market

When the cooler weather still kept its icy grip on England, I headed on down to London to visit the V&A museum, which I had been planning to go back to for several years after I went and discovered that the fashion exhibit was closed due to refurbishment (typical).

First of all, though, we started off in Borough Market. I had never been to a proper London food market before, so this was some introduction. Borough Market is one of the best-known and most renowned food markets, and if you love your grub, this is definitely the place to be.

Borough Market

The place was swarming with people looking to pick up a tasty treat, and the stalls sold pretty much everything you can think of that was edible. When we arrived I began to heartily wish that I hadn’t eaten breakfast and a number of free treats on the train (thank you cheap First Class tickets!). However, I soldiered on and managed to munch my way through my bodyweight in free samples – I think I must have tried dozens of cheeses, along with ravioli (very awkward to eat off a cocktail stick), cake, Turkish delight, pickles, chutneys, fruit and cured meat. I also oggled piles of bread, cakes, pastries, doughnuts and chocolates. Heavenly.

Once we had feasted our eyes and bellies, we took a quick flick around Southwark Cathedral. This is a rather beautiful example of one of the smaller cathedrals in England, and we were lucky enough to visit while the choir and orchestra were practising for an evening concert, so we were treated to the ethereal sounds of music and singing as we drifted around the cavernous interior.

Once out, it was lunchtime, so I treated myself to a box of Ethiopian curry delights. I’ve never tried Ethiopian cuisine before, but I definitely recommend it.

Victoria and Albert Museum

We finally headed to the museum, which if you love the arts and history, is a goldmine. The fashion exhibit was up and running this time, so I finally got to look at fashion through the ages, from impossibly tight corsets to the avant garde fashion of houses such as Alexander McQueen.

Victoria and Albert Museum

We also toured around the art of South East Asia, marvelled at sculptures and examined pieces from early modern England. In the centre of the museum is a wonderful courtyard with a large pond/fountain area, in which you can dabble your toes or have a waterfight if the weather is gentle – definitely a recommend when the temperatures start to soar in summer.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

We ended up in Leicester Square to soak up the atmosphere and watch a few impromptu street performers. I also got hailed as ‘the girl with the flame-coloured hair’, so all in all, it was a pretty successful day.


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