Ski School – forging a bond

Ski school

Me with my ski school pals – plus a few add-ons!

I was going to write a post on the weird and wonderful things my ski instructor got me to do to improve my skiing technique, including pretending to be superman and skiing with a giant pink rubber band (more on this another time), but then I decided that I wanted to talk a little more about the fun, laughs and support you can get when, by happy coincidence, you find yourself in a ski group with an eclectic bunch of people that you get on with like a house on fire.

In my first ski school, while there were certainly some characters in my group, no one meshed together in quite the same way as we did this year. The people in my own personal ski ‘gang’ consisted of a range of ages and backgrounds, but despite this, we all somehow got along.

There was ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Ian, five-times married Liz from Glasgow, Julie the Geordie, Eve the London sophisticate, three-times missing Richard and quiet Katie from Ireland. Together, we pushed eachother to go down that hideous, mogul-ridden red, picked ourselves up from knee-deep powder and laughed our way down the chairlift to a warm, soothing mug of Gluwein at the end of a long, snowy day.

Snaking down a slope that you’re not too sure about is always better when you have a little trail of people in front of you to follow, and it’s even better when you have people behind you who you know will pick you back up if you take a not-too-unusual tumble.

Ski school can certainly be a little nerve-wracking on your first day, but by the end of the week we were all shrieking with laughter watching a video of us tumbling around off-piste and demonstrating our more graceful side with synchronised skiing. I’d certainly recommend that you try it at least once, because if you do end up in the right group, your holiday is certainly enhanced: not only do you meet new people, but at the end of the day, there are some extra people to share some shnapps with for après-ski.


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