On the path to parallel

Happy New Year!

After several weeks of indulgence I am now brimming with mince pies, Christmas cake, chocolate and cheese. So this seemed like the perfect time to start some intensive ski practice.

Of course, way back in the hazy days of summer, I vowed to begin this intensive ski training as soon as the slope reopened after the summer break. This way, I would be a super duper skier by the time my ski holiday rolled round in February. Well, it now appears to be January and the panic button has been pressed, so I signed up to a three-week course at the Norfolk Snowsports centre.

My aims for the course are pretty simple. Firstly, I would like to complete the course without killing or maiming an instructor. Second, I would like to finish the course without killing or maiming myself right before the holiday. And finally, I desperately want to be at least halfway parallel.

Lesson one was on Friday, and so far there has been no manslaughter or major injury. As expected, I am in the bottom group. However, this is an advantage as it means that I was given the opportunity to remember what on earth I should do when strapped to two planks. I realised that the few practice sessions I have attended since my first holiday have been marred by poor technique, which was making anything like progress impossible. So, this first lesson set me straight and helped me to identify where I was going wrong.

Facing down the slope, making smooth turns and ensuring that my weight was on the downhill ski all started to make a difference and I feel I made a definite improvement. However, the dreaded order of “RELAX!” raised its ugly head once more. Hopefully, time will make this possible. That or a large glass of rum before the class.

Lesson two is set to introduce the first tentative steps towards parallel. Fingers crossed…

Want to know more about parallel skiing? Watch these helpful instructional videos.


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