Light one thousand Christmas lights


Jarrolds shop

Trudging home in the dark in the winter can be a little dispiriting at the best of times, especially when it has begun to drizzle and your umbrella has decided to give up the ghost and be confined to the scrap heap. Even worse is when you are trudging home in the dark and rain with a broken umbrella to take photos when your faithful camera decides that it too would like to join the umbrella in the bin.

So, my latest excuse for the tardiness of this post is the death of my faithful camera – farewell old Canon!

Fortunately, later that week I used my immense powers of persuasion to get my boyfriend to dig out his camera and take the photos for me while I enjoyed a pleasant gin and tonic in the pub. Writing is hard work you know.

Anyway, I wanted to get this post in because the Christmas lights in Norwich are truly lovely, and they make my walk home from the gym a little lighter and cheerier. It’s especially good on Thursday with late night shopping – a brass band plays near the market place and the streets are lined with rosy-cheeked shoppers laden with bursting shopping bags.

The Jarrolds department store is especially decked out, with some of the brightest lights on display. They also put up a charming window display with moving polar bears and other Christmas goodies, which always makes me feel quite festive.

Sadly, with Christmas now just around the corner, the lifetime of the Christmas lights is coming to an end, which means my walk home will soon be plunged into darkness again. However, now that I have these photos, I can look back and reminisce about the half a dozen attempts I made to get them onto this blog.

Happy Christmas and I will see you all in the New Year!

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