An amble through Cathedral Close

Norwich Cathedral

Greetings! It’s been a while, I know. But after having the internet cut off unexpectedly, moving house and then waiting for the internet to once again light up my new home, getting a blog post up has been nigh impossible, which is a pity as I have had this one sitting in waiting for a while.

Sadly the time that I managed to have both my camera and some batteries that weren’t flat with me, the day turned out to be a dull, cold, typically Novemberish sort of day. Nevertheless, I hope you will be able to see why I sometimes take a detour from my usual lunchtime amble around the river to wander around here.

Cathedral Close

This is one of two cathedrals in Norwich (bizarre, I know), but this is my favourite and the more historical of the two. It was finished in 1140-1145AD, and it has dominated the Norwich city centre ever since. No matter at what angle you come from, this cathedral catches your eye with its exquisite architecture.

Norwich Cathedral

In summer, you can stroll here and look through the telescopes provided by the Hawk and Owl Trust to spot the peregrines that return to nest in the cathedral’s spire each year. But if peregrines are lacking, you can always get comfy on the green in front of the cathedral’s entrance and enjoy an icecream from Ronaldo’s icecream stall, which is a little way across the road.

Today, of course, was not a day to do these things, but I still had a rather scenic walk around the cathedral’s base.

Norwich Cathedral

If you have time, a look round the inside of the cathedral is a must. If you look up at the ceiling, you can still make out the artwork that once decorated this beautiful building. Sadly, puritan zeal destroyed much of this work.

Norwich Cathedral

Outside in the cloisters you can get a little peace and quiet from the bustle of the city. I’d recommend trying out the labyrinth in the centre – it’s meant to aid reflection and contemplation, but it’s also rather fun.

You can find out more about Norwich Cathedral here:


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