Lunching by the river

Norwich river

Trees line this pleasant route.

Taking the opportunity to dip out of the office and amble around for an hour is something that all confined office workers should do. A bit of fresh air and, dare I say, SUNSHINE, is a surefire way to lift your mood for the afternoon ahead.


I am definitely lucky in that my workplace is now situated by the river, which means that I have the perfect scenic route to stroll around during my break.


Glorious summer weather lends this route even greater beauty, especially as many holiday-makers are currently loitering on the riverbanks in their boats. The sight of white boats moored up to the sides with merry, occasionally sun-crisped people of leisure gives this river walk a quaint, ‘British’ feel. It’s all rather lovely.


I usually start my stroll by passing through a pub courtyard and descending the stairs onto a grass-lined path. Elegant weeping willow trees trail their fingers in the water all along this section, creating pleasant shady areas for sun-averse people to munch their lunch underneath. The route then winds round to Pull’s Ferry, before heading around Norwich School’s extensive playing fields.


I then zip up and over Bishop’s Bridge – the only surviving medieval bridge in Norwich (site of a famous battle during Kett’s rebellion) – before meandering along the other side of the river, peeking into boat windows and greeting the cheery holiday-makers.


I think this walk will become my ‘go-to’ strolling destination over the months to come, as it almost feels as though you are leaving the city behind. There is also the opportunity to deviate from the river and take a look at Norwich Cathedral and the grand houses on its grounds. It’s a win-win situation in my mind!


So, do you have a place you like to go to during your lunchtime? If so, please tell me all about it in the comments.


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