Strolling in Derbyshire


Rolling countryside.

After first reading Pride and Prejudice many years ago, I wanted nothing more than to make a visit to Derbyshire. I desperately wanted to be Lizzie, bonnet firmly in place, wandering around the rugged countryside and potentially running into a modern Mr Darcy.

My dream came partially true when my dad and I took a day trip there to go for a long stroll. We managed to choose another blisteringly hot day, so we really got to see Derbyshire at its best (no Mr Darcy though).

Sadly my goldfishesque memory has forgotten the name of the walk we did, but hopefully I will be able to squeeze it out of my dad in the near future.


Inside a cavern.

We set off on a tree-lined path that wound its way alongside the river and investigated some big caverns that were carved into the rock that towered above us. After a while, we came back out into the open and traversed some stepping stones that marched across a wide stream.


Me heading across the stones.

We then mounted some rugged hills and I ended up chasing my hat around a field with my dad and a number of bemused cows looking on. After rescuing my poor hat, we roamed over the fields and then descended through a sun-speckled wood.


Me and my runaway hat.

Sadly, things then went a little awry when we turned right at the wrong village (oops). However, after wandering aimlessly through some random fields for an hour or so, we somehow managed to wind our way back to the correct route. By this point we were hot, thirsty and hungry, so we went in search of a pub to have dinner in.

We eventually stumbled across a lovely place that served some of the best post-walk grub I’ve ever had. The owner was lovely and opened up his kitchen early especially for us. Just as well, because we were ravenous. But after a pie and a seriously decadent chocolate pudding, we felt fully restored.

Has anyone else roamed across Derbyshire? It would be great to hear about it!


Wonderful countryside.


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