Ronhill Trail Twin Women’s Running Shorts: review

Now that summer seems to (finally) be here, it’s time to dig out the short shorts for your indoor and outdoor activities.

Before now, I never wore running shorts. I used to feel fine in just a three quarter length pair of running tights. But now that I have experienced the freedom (and coolness!) of running shorts, I can’t switch back to tights while the weather stays warm.

This particular pair of shorts wins on both the comfort and style stakes. When I was looking for a pair of running shorts, I was adamant that I would not invest in a billowing pair that had the shape and style of a bin bag. So as soon as I spotted this pair, I knew they were the ones for me.

These shorts are light, breathable, and they are also water repellent. This means you can run without fear of your shorts becoming bogged down by the inevitable summer downpour. They also score highly for having a concealed pocket at the back, which is plenty big enough to store keys, money, or your mp3.

Another feature that I love about these shorts is the inner lycra lining. Wearing skimpy shorts can make you feel a little self conscious, so it is reassuring to know that there is a lining that comes down lower than the shorts to give you a bit of modesty. It also means that these shorts are great for activities other than running. Cycling can make shorts ride up, but you can ride worry-free with these shorts because the lining stays put. I also love the fact that the lining isn’t a boring black colour. Mine are electric blue, which makes them very attractive.

Finally, these shorts offer plenty of room for movement. There’s nothing worse than trying to open out your stride and finding that your clothes just simply won’t allow you to. In these shorts, however, there is room for even the biggest stride pattern.

In terms of washing, I had to do a little guesswork. For some reason, the shorts came with no care instructions, so I just washed them as I would any other piece of sports gear. They came out looking like new, so I assume that I am doing the right thing!

So, if you are looking for a pair of funky shorts for the summer, look no further!



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