Nike Leg-O-See AOP women’s tights: Review

For those of you who read my lust list (click here if you didn’t), the item being reviewed today will be familiar. At this rate my dreams of a trekking holiday around Peru will be just around the corner (along with the ski chalet…)

I can now say that I am the proud owner of a VERY funky pair of leggings. Check out the pattern! These leggings had their first outing in the deluge the other weekend, and I am happy to say that they held up well against the interminable rain.

If you aren’t afraid of a bold pattern, or a scorching pink colour, then these are the leggings for you. I have to say that the photos in the Nike store have distorted its colour a little bit, so that the product looks more red than pink. Do not be fooled! The leggings are definitely a very loud, pink colour. This was fine by me as I love pink, but if you don’t, then I would stay clear.

I would also like to point out that the model in the photos must have legs like a giraffe. I have long limbs, but these leggings still go all the way down to my ankle, while in the photo they graze the area at the bottom of the shin bone. Strange…

In terms of comfort, these leggings are a winner. They are very clingy, which gives you freedom of movement, but they don’t feel too tight. They also don’t slip down, even when absolutely sodden with water.

The material of the leggings is cool and light, and they feel as though they would last a fairly long time. I haven’t had them long enough to determine how long-lasting the colour is, but my other patterned Nike training leggings have been holding up well so far.

Again, like my other leggings, I miss having some sort of pocket. I suppose this is because they are ‘training tights’ rather than running ones. However, wherever you do your training, surely a little zipped pocket at the back would be useful? Take note Nike!

Altogether, these are a great pair of leggings, and they certainly brighten up even the dullest gym attire. So if you’re looking for something with a bit more colour, definitely give these a go.



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