A promenade by Bedford River

Bedford River

Not a raincloud in sight.. (Photo credit: Julie price)

After our drenched antics the day before, we were more than happy to see fluffy white clouds in a blamelessly blue sky the following morning. We decided to take advantage of the sun’s moment of glory and take a stroll along Bedford River.

Weeping willow

Weeping willow

The stretch of river running through Bedford’s town centre is undeniably one of the prettiest parts of this commuter town. It still has a rather sedate, Victorian air about it, which makes it perfect for an amble on a warm summer’s day.

Trees lining the river

Trees lining the river

Elegant weeping willows lean over the river banks, and you can stroll pleasantly underneath the canopy of trees lining the route down to the County Council bridge. As spring approaches, the flower beds are manicured and filled with bursting tulips.

This section of river is also beautified by several elegant bridges. One of the most striking is the butterfly bridge, although my favourite is the more elegant bridge pictured below.

Bridge on Bedford River

Bridge on Bedford River

The river is populated with a large number of swans (the inspiration behind the name of the Swan Hotel), along with several very grumpy geese. Beware if you venture too close!

On the weekend you will inevitably see members of the Bedford Boat Club cruising along the river, lending the area a very quintessentially British feel.

Bedford River

Bedford River

This part of the river is my favourite part of our usual 10 mile run, and on a good day it is the perfect place for a quick walk or a picnic. On a bad day, you will either get soaked to the skin or eat a soggy picnic in the bandstand (something that I have done many, many times).

Do you have any favourite river walks? If so, please share in the comments!

(Thanks to my mum, Julie Price, for all of the photos!)



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