A 10 mile run in the famed British summer

Nothing beats a comfortable morning run in the summer sunshine. The blue skies and clear light seem to lend speed and strength to your limbs, and you spend so long admiring your verdant and flower-speckled surroundings that the time just flies by.

How unfortunate then that my mum and I ended up like this.


A very wet mother and daughter.

Admittedly, it was a fool-hardy plan from the start. The weather forecasts had been predicting doom for several days, and the day itself dawned behind a thick curtain of ominous grey clouds.

However, when I visit my parents on weekends, it is a long-standing tradition that my mum and I always go for a long run on Saturday morning. It gives us chance for a good natter, and it also absolves us of guilt when we stuff ourselves with a take-away in the evening.

The route we usually take leads us in a roundabout way to Bedford River. We get to speed past the prettiest part of the town, which is framed by elegant bridges and dazzling flower beds. It’s 10 miles in total, which is a somewhat lengthy distance, but we complete it in an easy jog, so it isn’t too exhausting.

At first it looked as though we would be lucky. Although grey, the rain held for the first 10 minutes or so. We cackled to ourselves, thinking that we had outsmarted BBC’s weather reports. How wrong we were.

It didn’t rain, it POURED. The water fell in a heavy stream, and it didn’t ease off. Usually there is a deluge with a few respites. Not this time.

Gloomily we plodded along our route, absolutely soaked to the skin. Baggy t-shirts suddenly transformed themselves into a clinging second skin, and trainers squelched in protest (see the key disadvantage of my trainers in my previous post).

The day of our run was also the day of the Bedford Star Regatta, so as we squelched our way along the river we passed many poor souls huddling under the canopy of trees in order to avoid some of the downpour. It most certainly wasn’t a good day to be perched in a little boat.

However, we made it! We may have looked like drowned rats by the time we reached home, but at least we had the satisfaction of completing our exercise for the day. We also garnered ‘respect’ from my dad’s work colleagues, so at least the day wasn’t a complete washout.

Want to see more of Bedford River? Check out my post tomorrow.


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