Saucony Women’s Progrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe: Review

When choosing a pair of trainers for running, it’s easy to become absolutely bogged down with choice. The market is stuffed with trainers all claiming to offer the most comfortable ‘ride’, the best shock absorption, and the latest in cushioning technology.

In my experience, it is best to find a brand you like and stick to it. Usually I opt for something by Asics because their trainers are always comfy and long-lasting. However, this time round I decided to try something new, so I opted for a pair of Saucony trainers.

My choice was guided by the sales person in a small independent sports shop just outside of Norwich’s city centre. I had my gait analysed on a running machine first, and then I selected some trainers from a range that were deemed suitable for my running pattern.

I was a little wary of going for something different at first, but once I had tried them out (by running around the car park like a loon); I decided that they were surprisingly comfortable and supportive. A year down the line and I am still incredibly happy with them.

The shoes are wonderfully lightweight, and the mesh on the top and sides of the shoe means that your feet never overheat. They also offer good support to the foot, and are still surprisingly springy despite the hard use they have had. I tend to lean on to the inner edge of my foot, but these shoes balance this perfectly.

I’ve done distances up to 11 miles in these shoes, and I have never had a single blister. I really can’t overemphasise how comfortable they are.

I also think the trainers are pretty good looking, too. They aren’t perhaps as jazzy as some of the more expensive models, but they don’t look chunky or ugly.

My one annoyance with them is linked to one of their benefits. The mesh on the top and sides of the shoe makes them very light and airy, but it does have the unfortunate drawback of letting in all the water if you go running in the rain. Cue a pair of very grimy trainers and a pair of sodden feet inside of them.

However, apart from this, I cannot find fault. When they eventually wear out, I shall definitely be tempted to invest in another pair.



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