Walking to work in the sun and rain


The view across the river.

Happy Monday! I’m afraid this will just be a quick post for today, but things should soon be back to business as usual.

I’ve spoken before about how just being outdoors, even for the dreaded walk to work, can be rewarding. This is especially the case when the seasons start to change. I’m lucky that on my walk to work I get to stroll through a little of Mariott’s Way – a lovely walk that runs right past my house. (I will blog about this in the near future – watch this space!)

This route has a very different character depending on the weather and the time of year. A couple of years ago, I hiked to work with poles in order to tramp through the thick snow and lethal ice. Last week, I soaked my trainers in a feeble attempt to sneak around a lake that had suddenly appeared on the path near my house. Needless to say, my attempt failed and I ended up with one, very wet, shoe and a bad temper.

However, on the days when the weather chooses to be amiable, I can relax and soak up the sunshine. The recent flood of rainwater, followed by some welcome sunshine, means that Mariott’s Way has suddenly bloomed into its summer best. On days like this I can often spot more wildlife, such as a little munjack deer, or a kingfisher shimmering across the surface of the river. I wish I could share more photos with you, but it is a little awkward trying to take photos while powerwalking into work. (After carrying my camera for WEEKS waiting for a nice day, I was finally rewarded on one of the days I was running late – typical.)



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