Review: Nike Legend 2.0 training trousers

Having done several posts musing on the beauty of Norwich, I thought I would turn once more to something else that gets my heart beating: new clothes.

For those of you who read my ‘Lust List’, you will know that I was drooling over these funky-patterned Nike leggings. Shortly after I wrote this post, I gave in to my yearnings and ordered a pair. Less than a week later, and I was in possession of a fine pair of training trousers. Bliss.

Overall, I am massively happy with them. I was a little worried about the sizing at first, because several other reviewers had accused them of coming up big, but I have no problems on this count. This implies that either I, or all of the other reviewers, are a very funny shape, but I believe in the latter. I’m sure if you order them, you will come to the same conclusion.

The pattern is also great, and I find them to be just eye-catching enough to get the occasional admiring glance, but not so eye-catching that people walk into lamp posts due to the arresting sight of my highly patterned limbs.

I’ve tried these leggings in spinning classes, aerobics and out running. They have been comfortable in all cases. I also swear that they make my legs look like they are going faster while spinning, or at least they distract the notice of my instructor to the extent that they don’t notice me tweaking down the resistance. Win-win either way.

However, as with many exercise clothes, the washing instructions leave me despairing a little. No biological detergent, wash at 30 degrees (which you should do anyway I must admit), wash separately to everything else you own (including other gym wear), dry out of direct sunlight, keep away from direct heat…yadda yadda. Due to the cost of these leggings, and the fact that I am in love, I have been following these directions. I assume that this means that I will keep the pattern looking good and that the leggings won’t suddenly become a baggy mess. However, I fear that one day I will become lazy and just throw it in the normal wash. Let’s hope that this day does not come too soon.

Another BIG bugbear of mine is that these leggings don’t have a handy pocket on the back to chuck a key in. I consider this an essential on a pair of ‘training trousers’. No one wants to run with a key in their hand, or dump a bunch of keys on to a studio floor to do a gym class. It’s most annoying.

However, I am willing to forgive, as these trousers really are rather lovely. They brighten up a gym outfit and distract eagle-eyed gym instructors from your fitness failures. What’s not to love?



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