My favourite photo

Unfortunately, time constraints have meant that I don’t have time to write the post I was planning today, so I thought that I would just jot down a word or two about my favourite hiking photo.

I think it has got to be this one.


Me on the ascent of Snowden.

It’s not a particularly spectacular shot. There is no dramatic sunset in the background, I haven’t caught the light sparkling on the water, and I certainly haven’t made any effort to look good, but I think I just look really happy in this photo. It was the perfect day, and my dad finally got to see the view from Snowden. Getting to the top felt like a real achievement, and I remember texting my mum at the top “We made it to the summit!” I felt a little like I had gotten to the top of Everest, despite the fact that hundreds of tourists (probably in flip flops with no poles) can easily reach the summit with no particular effort. But for me, it felt as though I had met a challenge, and I think the experience definitely cemented my love for walking.

Do you have a special photo? I’d love to hear about it.

(Apologies for the mega-short post. Normal service will resume next week!)


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