Stroll to Clapham

Bedford to Clapham

Pink blossom at the beginning of the walk.

Despite the rain hammering down on Easter Sunday, the skies miraculously cleared for the bank holiday. So my mum, dad and I set off out in to the sunshine to make the most of it. Just as well, because the weather has been typically shoddy today. At least I don’t feel that I am missing out by being at work. Sigh.

We wanted only a short walk, so my dad decided to take us on a route that led from our house in Bedford to the countryside surrounding Clapham. The ground was a little rough and muddy in places, having been baked by a spell of dry weather followed by a deluge the day before, but it wasn’t bad enough to resort to wellies. When I was little, my dad, brother and I had a very memorable walk in this area where the mud was so thick and sticky that my boots were sucked off. My brother then proceeded to fall in to a stream. Needless to say, my poor Gran was not impressed when we turned up at her door sodden and covered in mud. Ah, those were the days…

Bedford to Clapham.

One of the drier tracks.

Fortunately we had no such incidents this time. We followed a public footpath through some trees and came out by my old riding school. We then headed up the hill and in to the fields. The brightness of the rape fields assured us that spring is fully underway, and hordes of butterflies flitted between the hedgerows and the fields.

Bedford to Clapham.

Field of rapeseed.

We then snuck in to a wood to get a better look at some bluebells that we had spied through the undergrowth. My dad used to play in these woods as a boy, making dams in the little streams, but the woods are left completely untouched now. In a way this is a good thing, because it has given the bluebells time to spread across the floor of the wood. I haven’t seen as many bluebells as this in one place for a very long time – it was definitely the highlight of the walk.

Bedford to Clapham.

Bluebells in the wood.

Bedford to Clapham.

More bluebells.

After exiting the trees, we turned for home. We took a slightly different route back, slipping through some fields used for cattle. There were warnings about the cows having calves underfoot, but luckily the fields were empty when we went through.

We returned home a little sun-kissed and muddy, but pleased that we had got out in to the sunshine. I hope the good weather returns for the weekend again!

(Note to regular readers! I am away for the next couple of days for work, so my next post won’t be until Friday. Apologies in advance, but I don’t have time to schedule two posts. Until we meet again!)


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