Cromer to Sherringham

Walking around Walcott at the weekend reminded me of my first ever trip to Cromer.

We timed this voyage with some of the best spring weather the rain-sodden and windswept Norfolk coast has ever seen. For this reason, the trip made quite an impression on me.

This was also the first time that I had ever walked along an empty beach. While the areas immediately around Cromer and Sherringham were full of basking families and preening teenagers, the stretches in between were gloriously empty. I was in heaven.

As the sun was so lovely, we took our sweet time meandering up the coast towards Sherringham. I even braved the icy water and went for a paddle in the sea, although I was not so brave as to full submerge myself.

If you want a short, but lovely, walk along the coast, you can’t go wrong with walking the distance between Cromer and Sherringham. If you only want to go one way, then I recommend taking the train. Get off the train at Cromer (or Sherringham), and then hop on again at the end of your walk. It’s as easy as that!

However, if you’re planning a walk along the beach in the sunshine, TAKE SUNCREAM. I am ashamed to say that I was lazy, and didn’t bother to reapply some cream after having a splash in the sea. BIG MISTAKE. Unless you want lobster legs like me, slap on the sun lotion. It may be a pain but it isn’t half as painful as burning your entire lower legs so that you can’t bear to have anything touch you. Ah, fond memories.

Still, even with the sunburn, I look back on this trip with fondness. If you want to feel as though you have had a mini-holiday, then I really recommend that you hurtle down to the coast as soon as the good weather arrives. I know I will.

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