Walking in Walcott

With the weather looking promising at the weekend I felt the urge to get a little bit of sea air. I could also hear my walking poles crying plaintively in my wardrobe, so I decided to give them a little bit of an outing. So we packed up the car and headed off to Walcott.

Before I moved to Norwich I never really made spontaneous trips to the coast. But now I am lucky enough to always be a short drive away from sea, sand, and awesome fish and chip shops. I’ve roamed around Cromer, Sherringham and Blakeney, and what I love about all of these locations is that it is possible to get away from the crowds and stroll along a deserted coastline. Asides from the occasional dog walker, you pretty much end up with the place to yourself.

Going to the coast in the off-peak season is also a winner. It may be windier and a little cooler, but if time your trip with a bit of sunshine, you can enjoy a walk along the beach without the parking problems, noisy families and crowded amenities. It also means that there is less of a queue at the ice cream van (always a bonus in my mind).

I’ve never been to Walcott before, but signs of the damage caused by the winter storms were evident all around us. We saw someone’s fence halfway down a cliff, and the doors on the beachside toilet block had been bashed to pieces.

Asides from this, this section of the coastline is rather lovely. There isn’t much there, but the sand is incredibly soft and, well, sandy. The water was also very clear and I imagine that it would be a great place to go body-boarding in the summer. The day started off rather hazy, but gradually the sun poked through and we were able to power along the beach in the sunshine.

We both wore walking boots and used walking poles, but they aren’t really necessary for walking along here. I wore good boots in case there were any stony sections and because they are also amazing at keeping sand out of my shoes (shudder). It was fun using the poles on the sand – you could really pick up speed so we were able to march along at a decent pace.

We walked up well past Mundesley and back, and then we tried to get to Happisburgh, but the tide was coming in fast so we had to turn back. All in all, we did around 13 miles, which isn’t bad for a day’s work.

If you’re interested, and possess eagle eyes, you may be lucky enough to spot a fossil or two while walking along the beach. I managed to find a stone with a small, incomplete Trilobite on it. Last time we were in Cromer, my boyfriend picked out a fossilised mollusc. Belemnites are also quite commonly found, so keep your eyes peeled.

After such punishing exercise, we were in need of a sweet treat, so we strolled back to a convenient ice cream van. I was outrageously excited to find an old childhood treat of mine, and the ice cream man was kind enough to supply me with extra chocolate sauce and a flake. He told us some strange tales about himself as he served us. Apparently he eats 400g of chocolate a night (along with a hot chocolate…) and he munches on chocolate and ice creams while sitting in his van. I was left wondering how he wasn’t diabetic and how he was still in possession of all of his teeth. Suddenly my chocolately choice didn’t seem so outrageous.

So, has anyone else enjoyed the Norfolk coast? Or do you eat 400g of chocolate a night? Please share!




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