Crazy bike ride up a dam

For those of you that know me well, you know that I hate bikes. Bikes just don’t like me and they try to kill me at every opportunity. They’re EVIL.

Bearing this in mind you have to admire my boyfriend’s persuasive skills, because he not only got me on the dreaded two-wheel monster of death, but he also got me up a ‘lovely’ route to the top of a hydroelectric dam in Mayrhofen.

Yep, we went all the way up to the top of THIS dam.

Schlegeis resevoir

After over two hours of cycling, we still had a long way to go…

We started our journey way back in the centre of Mayrhofen, and then cycled to Ginzburg, before going all the way up the alpine road to the top of the dam. As you can imagine, this involved A LOT of cycling uphill. Thank goodness we were equipped with these amazing E-Bikes.

KTM E-Bikes

Our trusty bikes.

The owners of the hotel we were staying at (Hotel Eder – check it out!) lent us these bikes completely free of charge and gave us some spare batteries to take with us. These bikes are, I have to admit, pretty cool. If you ever get to ride on one, put them up to ‘speed level 3’…

However, while having a super-cool E-Bike made cycling around 16k uphill somewhat easier, it didn’t make it an easy ride. I went on this bike ride on the penultimate day of a 10-day walking holiday, so my legs were completely knackered. There was also a rather horrible off-road section where I cuddled some of the nice rocks littering the route. More bruises to add to my collection!

But with legs burning, chests exploding, and lungs gasping for breath, we finally reached the top. The view was the perfect reward.

Top of the dam.

At the top!

The sun also came out in all its glory when we reached the summit, which made the view all the sweeter.


However, what goes up must come down! This was the most adrenaline-fuelled bit of the journey – we were VERY high up, and the alpine road is very long and winding. Luckily the E-Bikes had fantastic disc brakes, so free-wheeling all that way downhill never tipped me in to the out-of-control zone. You could certainly clock up some speed doing this. As we raced through Ginzburg, I noticed that we were breaking the speed limit by quite a large margin. Oops.

Some sections of the road were also a bit hairy because of the winding nature of the route. Getting overtaken by various cars on those hairpin bends was not particularly fun!

However, we both made it down in one piece, although my eyes were probably out on stalks and my hands seemed to be glued to the handlebars. When we finally arrived back at the hotel I was completely exhausted and very relieved to be getting off the bike. However, I did feel pretty good about the whole thing and it had certainly been an experience. I’m still not that keen on bikes though…


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